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The ScanTix Advantage

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ScanTix™ access management validates tickets and tracks attendance through the use of handheld scanners at each entrance.  With ScanTix™ you have the tools to enable customers to fulfill their own tickets online via print-at-home or magnetic stripe delivery.  You also have the ability to track attendance, including no-shows, enabling you to tailor marketing and retention programs.  

The ScanTix™ access management system provides a variety of functionality.  Ticket validation occurs real-time with venue management’s ability to explicitly set scan windows (the amount of time before and after the event starts when scans will be accepted). The system may be configured for singly entry, unlimited entry, or a specified number of entries (per day or per event). Voided tickets, returned tickets, original tickets that were later reprinted, counterfeit tickets, tickets for incorrect events, etc. are all caught at the door instead of allowing patron entry. Real-time ticket look-up on the handheld scanners themselves allows users to verify information regarding scanned tickets onsite vs. sending patrons back to the box office. ScanTix™ also allows for the ability to scan multiple events at the same time (in the same facility).

Real-time monitoring and reporting from the ScanTix™ access management system may be utilized directly from the server or via a remote computer with proper software credentials. Users may monitor scans by entrance, device, etc. to keep an up-to-the-minute drop count or shift staff as necessary based on demand. Graphs may be run to evaluate attendance for an event by time, area, valid vs. invalid scans, etc. Information from the ScanTix™ system may also be exported to Microsoft Excel, pdf, or a standard text document.

Specific seat locations may be “flagged” in the ScanTix™ system with a custom message to alert the ticket taker staff (ie. “Send customer to box office”, “stolen ticket”, “unpaid account”, etc.).

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