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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting this error?

The requested number of tickets is unavailable at this price level

This message is received when attempting to secure more tickets than are currently available for sale at the selected price. If no other pricing options exist, this may indicate, but does not necessarily mean, the event is sold out. 

Error message two

Explanation 2

Error message three

Explanation 3

Error message four

Explanation 4

Error message five

Explanation 5


Why am I in a virtual waiting room? What is it?

Virtual waiting rooms are used to manage heavy traffic to prevent overloading servers and preserve the integrity of customer purchases during times of heavy traffic. While in the virtual waiting room, the site continuously refreshes to see if more patrons may be granted access. Patrons are admitted based upon when they entered the virtual waiting. Don't worry, you are in line to buy tickets. Refreshing your browser or attempting to open mutliple instances of the page may cause you to lose your place in line.  
Tickets for this event are no longer available online. Please see the venue box office or your local TicketsWest outlet. xclose