Humbled by his creative longevity and standing, Tipper's approach to each performance demands he present previously unheard original and unreleased material, underlining his ethos that the audience should be equally moved and entertained. His prowess with live scratching and turntablism makes him one of the rare producers who can not only replicate his sound in a live setting, but also add exciting improvisational energy. The respect he shows for his ever growing fan-base makes Tipper a must hear (and see) for music lovers of any kind. This is your opportunity to experience a true innovator and pioneer of electronic music.

Toumani & Sidiki
Toumani Diabaté and his son Sidiki are descended from a long line of griots, custodians of the ancient oral traditions of West Africa’s Mandé people, spanning the past 700 years. The Diabaté dynasty has elevated the 21-string West African kora harp into the most iconic of African instruments. Toumani is widely recognized as the greatest living kora player, who weaves bass lines with ancient melodies and astonishing improvisations to create a kaleidoscope of musical colors. His son Sidiki is one half of Mali's foremost hip hop duo and an emerging kora star. Together, the father-and-son duo are extraordinary. They combine telepathic communication with dazzling musicianship, playing the kora with unconventional verve, ecstatic excitement, and exquisite intimacy. Their repertoire is based on a combination of obscure, nearly forgotten kora pieces and a revisioning of Mandé classics from Mali.

“We’re not going backwards, trying to play just how my father and grandfather did these songs,” says Toumani. “We have to do it our way. We’re modern griots, we live in the city, we’re connected to the world."