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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a TicketsWest retail outlet near me?

Click here to find a TicketsWest retail outlet near you.

How do I purchase tickets by phone?

Click here to find information on purchasing tickets by phone.

How are ticket prices and fees established?

Prices charged on are determined by several factors:

Face Value of a Ticket:  The face value of a ticket is determined by the promoter, venue, team or artist.  TicketsWest does not determine the face value of tickets.

Convenience Fee:  This fee covers costs that allow TicketsWest to offer our ticket purchasers a convenient and safe ticket-buying process while providing promoters, venues, teams and artists with the highest levels of accountability and tracking.  In order to offset the cost of these services, certain convenience fees are applied to our transactions.  These fees vary from event to event and are based on terms that have been agreed upon with the venues, promoters, teams or artists.  In some cases, tickets may be purchased at the venue box office without additional convenience fees, however many individuals prefer to utilize our services in order to save time and to secure better seats in advance of an event.  Tickets are available in many neighborhoods via local ticket outlet locations, our 24/7 Call Center and

Facility and Parking Fees:  The purpose of these fees vary, but the inclusion and assessment of facility and parking fees are not dictated by TicketsWest.  Not all venues charge a facility or parking fee, however those that do are responsible for the determination of these fees.  TicketsWest remits facility and parking fees directly to the venue.

Order Processing and/or Delivery Fees:  The order processing or delivery fee covers the cost to fulfill ticket requests when tickets are purchased online or by phone.  This fee includes services such as processing and maintaining orders on our secure ticketing system, arranging for shipping and/or coordinating with the box office will call, purchasing and/or maintaining of access management equipment or delivery of tickets.  A portion of the order processing or delivery fee may represent a margin of revenue.  It is applied to an entire order and processing fees are determined by TicketsWest in coordination with the promoter, venue, team or artist.

Taxes:  City, state, and local taxes are typically included in the face value of the ticket, but in some instances these taxes may be included in the ticket fees or listed as a separate charge.

Are tickets cheaper at the box office?

In some cases tickets may be purchased at the venue box office without additional convenience fees.  However, many individuals prefer to utilize our services in order to save time and to secure better seats in advance of an event.  Not all venues have box offices and the hours for those that do will vary.  In some cases box offices are open only on the day of an event.  Please keep in mind that tickets for some events are more expensive when purchased on the day of the event.

What if I haven't received my tickets in the mail?

If you requested your tickets to be delivered via standard U.S. Mail and have not seen them arrive as expected, please either email or call TicketsWest to arrange for an alternate delivery option.  Should your original tickets arrive after an alternate delivery method is arranged, please destroy the originals as the barcodes have been deactivated.  Please note that some venues or events may have policies regarding ticket reprints or the re-issuing of mis-delivered tickets for which TicketsWest must honor.

What if I haven't received, can't find, or accidentally deleted the email with my ScanTix™ Print at Home tickets?

ScanTix™ Print at Home tickets are available for reprinting by accessing your TicketsWest account.

1.  Click here for the My Account page

2.  Choose your region and enter your credentials

3.  Click "My Account"

4.  Click "Re-issue Print at Home Tickets"

What if the event for which I have tickets is postponed, moved, or cancelled?

Occasionally, events are cancelled by the promoter, team, artist or venue.  Should this occur, and if you purchased your ticket(s) from TicketsWest, you may receive a refund or exchange for that event.  Postponements and venue changes are not typically cause for refunds.  In the event of a postponement or venue change, the promoter, team, artist or venue will determine the event-specific policy.  The decision of whether or not to allow refunds is made by the venue or promoter.  TicketsWest assumes no responsibility for making any such decision, and will have no responsibility to issue refunds.  However, if a refund is issued, then it will be TicketsWest that will process refunds for those tickets sold through our Internet sites, call centers and ticket outlets.

Does TicketsWest buy back tickets or allow previously-purchased tickets to be sold through its website?

TicketsWest will not buy back tickets or allow previously-purchased tickets to be listed for resale on  All sales are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so please be certain of your intent to purchase prior to completing your order.

Will TicketsWest or its venue partners honor tickets purchased through third party resellers, ticket brokers, or other outside entities?

TicketsWest and our venue partners will always honor valid and authentic event tickets for our hosted performances.  We cannot, however, guarantee the authenticity or validity of any ticket purchased outside of our official channels.  Any ticket shown to be invalid, already used, previously refunded, reprinted, voided or otherwise unusable will be denied entry without compensation.  In addition, TicketsWest and our partners cannot reprint or reissue lost or stolen tickets that were procured from an unofficial source.  Please remember that the validity or authenticity of a ticket is not always determinable by simply viewing the ticket itself.  Exercising extreme caution is advisable.

How can I determine the official ticketing partner for my venue or performance of choice?

Visit the venue or performance's official website to see who they list as their ticketing partner.  If this information is not apparent on the site itself, call them to verify.  Do not rely on basic Internet searches for tickets to bring you to the official sales site.  Many outside entities go to great lengths to purchase prime listings for search results, obtain website addresses that appear to be associated to the venue or performance, or design their website with similar color schemes, graphics and maps as the venue or artist.  Tickets advertised on these sites may be listed at inflated prices and their validity for the performance may not be determined until their attempted use.

What does it mean when I see the designation 'TW Authorized Seller'?  Ticketswest Authorized Seller Logo Final 1

When a venue, promoter, team or artist displays the TW Authorized Seller graphic - either online or in print - they are communicating that TicketsWest is their exclusive ticketing partner.  When present, the TW Authorized Seller graphic indicates that TicketsWest is the only authorized party with permission to sell tickets to their sanctioned events.  Any other agency that may advertise tickets for sale is doing so without the endorsement of the presenter or the hosting facility.  Tickets procured through these unauthorized channels cannot be verified as authentic, and may be listed for sale at an inflated price.  Organizations displaying the TW Authorized Seller designation are encouraging their customers to 'buy safe' and only purchase tickets through authorized channels.

Tickets for this event are no longer available online. Please see the venue box office or your local TicketsWest outlet. xclose